The term “window draperies” can sound a bit dated. But, their aesthetic could not be more current! Regardless of your home style, custom drapes on the windows always offer a grown-up, completed look. But, they can do more for your home than make it lovely—they work for you.

Check out these 5 benefits of window draperies with Worley’s Home Design Center here in the Hayward, CA, area:

  1. They’re thermal
    Yes, we live in Central California and we do not often experience cold weather. But, when we do—draperies work in your favor. The flipside is that they are excellent at keeping in your conditioned air instead of allowing your home to be heated-up by the sunlight and outside heat against the window.
  2. They elevate the look of your home… and your mood
    Window Draperies are not simply a vanity thing—this can actually affect your mood at home! When homeowners live in a space that feels beautiful, comfortable, complete—their moods are brought up, too!
  3. They are versatile and they pull a room together
    When you work with Worley’s, your home will transform into something you can be proud of. Together, we will look at your home’s architecture, the colors you currently have in the room/space, the type of furniture you have/intend to purchase, and so much more. Our custom drapes are designed with the whole room/space in mind. This means a so-so room can come to life and money you have spent on furniture or wall hangings will finally be tied together, seamlessly. Further, using drapes in multiple rooms helps to tie together design elements throughout your home.
  4. They fit
    Of course, you can go to a department store and purchase generic draperies in an assortment of colors or materials—but they will never be as good as drapes designed specifically to match your personality, your home’s measurements, and your overall “look.” Choosing to work with our professionals means you will get exactly what you want and the drapes will fit your windows
  5. They are durable
    Custom window draperies and top treatments can last as much as two or three times as long as the ready-made curtains you buy off the shelf in the store. Our professional craftsmanship will stand the test of time.

Here at Worley’s Home Design Center, we know window draperies. In fact, many of our favorite design experiences have included working with homeowners in Hayward to make their homes beautiful and comfortable with our fabulous custom curtains and cornices. There is something uniquely inviting and comforting about beautiful, quality draperies in the home—but, as you can see, they offer so much more! If you are considering a home re-designing project in the near future, we would love to work with you. Whether you need custom drapes, new flooring, an upgraded kitchen, furniture restoration… We are your one-stop-designing-shop and we hope to work with you soon!

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