When you look around your Hayward, CA, home, do you see window treatments you love? No? Then let’s do something about that! It’s easier than you think to elevate the look of your home. In fact, you may just be one window treatment decision away from turning your drab home into a fab one!

At Worley’s Home Design Center, right here in the Bay Area, we have decades of experience in transforming homes with small (and large) tweaks. And, believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to give your home a remarkable upgrade is to add draperies! Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite options!

Let the light shine in
A trend that’s always in style is natural light—so don’t darken your space with heavy fabrics without an option to brighten it up! We can customize your space with sheer fabrics in any color to add warmth and depth while maintaining your needed privacy.

Pay attention to the trim
Decorative embellishments and valances, when combined with the right drapes, turns a “so-so” room into a “wow-worthy” space. (If you aren’t sure what a valance is, it is a length of gorgeous drapery above a window.)

Metallics are back
Yep. You read that right. Silver, gold, and bronze metallic materials look marvelous with sheer materials and muted tones in the bedroom or large shared living spaces. Basically, metallic fabrics are a dazzling version of the once-popular tan and gray draperies.

Patterns and layered patterns
We see the layering of patterns in fashion as well as in home décor. It’s fun! Instead of sticking with the usual, safe solids, consider drapery with geometric shapes or chevron designs against the striped wallpaper you love! Or, thick stripes along the bottom third of your floor-to-ceiling curtains to offset the wild Aztec area rug you just purchased! Options are endless!

Stainless steel rods
This look has made its into many homes. Think soft and feminine floral draperies against the industrial and masculine look of stainless steel and chunky hardware. It’s a perfect marriage!

Oversized “puddling”
In the world of draperies and window treatments, you may have heard the word “puddling.” This refers to extra-long drapes which hang down and gather on the floor just below your window to create a modern or elegant look.

There’s no rule that says you must have one window treatment vs. another. In fact, we often recommend combining drapes with large-slat blinds or shades and valances. What combination do you want? The Worley’s team would love to create a completely unique look for your home!

Changing your home from drab to fab is much easier than you may think! Are you ready to transform your home with the professionals at Worley’s Home Design Center? We sure are ready to meet with you and begin the design process! Call or visit our showroom Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, or Saturday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. See you soon!

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Remodeling your Hayward, CA, home is a big commitment! You want to make choices that last for years and years. Especially remodel choices involving your windows! In fact, you’ll want to be highly selective with your window coverings (like shutters or drapes) to avoid trendy choices. The danger in choosing too trendily is that you could end up with windows that appear completely out of sync with the rest of your home; or, you could choose expensive “in” options that you will quickly dislike in a couple years. So, seek professional guidance and choose wisely!

That said, the experts here at Worley’s Home Design Center have created this list of 4 home trends with real staying power, so you can enjoy the beautiful space you’ve always wanted!

  1. I’m dreaming of a white window…
    When white window treatments began becoming popular, many believed this was a quickly passing trend. Boy, were those nay-sayers wrong! The preference for white accents in the home (shutters, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, flooring…) continues to climb. It’s easy to see why: white is clean, versatile, neutral, and bright/happy. You can’t go wrong with white!
  2. Gray is the new black
    The popularity of gray as more than simply an accent color has skyrocketed. Gray is sleek, chic, neutral, and sophisticated. But, bear in mind: gray can be a bit of a toss-up. Be careful not to overdo it. Gray shutters with a dark slate flooring are stunning. Or, a light gray stain on hardwood floors with a pop of color—like yellow—in your drapes is great! But, gray on gray on gray is not the way to go, or you could end up with a dreary-looking space.
  3. Accessibility is where it’s at
    There’s nothing worse than a difficult-to-use kitchen or impossible-to-operate blinds or hard-to-reach shutters. You want to grow old in your home, right? Then let’s begin to think about tweaks and upgrades which makes sense for the long-run. Here are a few easy-access options you might consider for your home:
  • Side-opening ovens: (and, might we add: counter height!). Reaching up and bending over will become more and more difficult as we all age—make it easy!
  • Deep drawers: Again, we’re talking about eliminating the need to stoop down to find anything. Floor-level cabinets won’t work in the Golden Years.
  • Automatic shades: Did you know you can have window shades which allow time-controlled programming? Or, voice activation? Yep. Life doesn’t get much sweeter (and simpler!).
  1. Butcher’s block countertop
    We have all fought with our cutting boards. They slide. They aren’t big enough. They deteriorate quickly. So, why not have an entire counter space dedicated to your food prep? With the adequate space to create, cooking is no longer a chore, but a joy!

What trends have you seen with staying power? We’d love to hear them! Give Worley’s Home Design Center a call or visit. We’d love to work with you!

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Styles are often fickle; one year they’re in and they next year the entire home improvement industry seems to have moved in a new direction. Home flooring is no exception to this. For example, aren’t you glad we have collectively moved away from the peel-and-stick square flooring of the 80s? Oh, how we never want to find ourselves with flooring like that again!

Worley’s Home Design Center has almost six decades of experience in making homes more beautiful with flooring that lasts—and stands the test of changing trends. Our pros understand that a home’s flooring can serve to elevate the space or detract from it. Check out these classic trends to find which speaks to you!

  1. The whitewashed look
    This high-end look brings the Pacific Coast into your space with an elegant touch. There’s something classic and fresh about white wood/faux wood flooring that says, “come on in and relax a little while,” the way you wish to express to your loved ones and guests. A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Ark Oak “Moonlight”
  • HomerWood White Oak “Simply White”
  • Mannington Residential Hand Crafted Norwegian Oak “Flurry”
  1. Dark hardwood
    Classic, classic, classic. This isn’t just a budding 2018 trend. Dark hardwood flooring is a rich accent to any décor. You choose what you like most: Cherrywood? Dark espresso? Something ashier? A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Mannington Residential American Classics American Oak “Leather”
  • Mannington Residential American Classics Madison Maple “Charcoal”
  • Elegance Exotic Wood Jatoba “Brazilian Cherry”
  1. Bamboo
    Worley’s eco-friendly bamboo floors are perfect for the earth-conscious homeowners all over the Bay Area. Did you know that bamboo is the most environmentally sustainable wood in the world? That’s right! Bamboo is sustainable and renewable because it can be harvested many times over and renewed quickly in comparison to other traditional hardwoods (like maple or oak). A few options here at Worley’s:
  • GreenWood Natural Color
  • Teragren Portfolio Naturals
  • Teragren Solid Narrow Plank options
  1. Gray-toned flooring
    Think high-quality wood flooring with a silvery-gray hue. In the last several years this has become very popular. You see, many homeowners prefer a less “warm” pallet in their homes, but still desire a neutral background and flooring so their décor can evolve over the years. A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Ark Genuine Mahogany “Silver”
  • Ark Oak “Smoke”
  • HomerWood White Oak “Slate”
  1. Wide plank
    More and more homeowners are opting for wider planks across their floors. Why? Increasing the plank size creates a more modern look and adds depth to any room—which makes even a small room appear larger. A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Teragren Engineered Studio Wide Plank options
  • Bruce Engineered 5’ “Hickory – Antique Natural”
  • Mullican San Macro or Castillian Engineered options in 7’ width

So, what do you think? Which speaks to your taste? If you live in the San Leandro, CA, area, come visit us here at Worley’s Home Design Centerthere’s so much more to discover! You don’t want your home to be outdated in a few years, right? Neither do we! See you soon!

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You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen this year. Fantastic. Now, what? Being unsure of where to start is half the battle. Unfortunately, many homeowners here in San Leandro, CA, fall into one of two vacuum categories:

  1. The appliance browsers: Those who skip ahead to the next chapter when all the high-tech, oversized appliances will be possible. That exciting stage of “when the kitchen is finished, I’ll get this oven range and that new refrigerator…”
  2. The photo collectors: We’ve all been in this camp… Pinterest surfing and Google Images hunting of other homeowners’ photos of their kitchen before-and-after photos. Admittedly, this is a fun pastime; the daydreaming and the “I will have that one-day” sort of thought process.

The thing is, neither of these two groups represents the beginning phase of a kitchen remodel. Both of these groups belong to what we here at Worley’s Home Design Center like to call the Exploration Stage. Be advised: you could be stuck exploring and daydreaming for a long time if you don’t follow these few steps for your REAL kitchen remodel:

Step #1: Consider what you NEED
A kitchen remodel is partly about what you want to see in your new space, but it really is more about what you need. Here at Worley’s, we can help you zero-in on your needs! Begin with priorities: who cooks in your household? How tall are the people in your family (seriously—counter height and the size of your cabinets should hinge on this)? What will you use your kitchen for on a regular basis (family meals, cooking only, entertaining, etc.)? From here, we can begin to carve-out just how much space you’ll need and some tentative specs for cabinet placement, among other features.

Step #2: Who’s the pro?
Even if you are completely confident in your DIY capabilities, consider area where you aren’t the expert. Do you know how to reroute electrical wires? How are your plumbing skills? Do you know how to custom-make the cabinets you’ll need in your new space? Don’t worry—a good installation company will act as your highly-professional co-designer throughout the entire remodel process.

Step #3: Plan, plan, and plan
Remodeling your kitchen is a significant investment in your home life as well as your finances (should you choose to sell one day). Don’t attack this project lightly! Budgeting early in is a good idea. This may mean you need to do some research online as well as visit a few places to gather some rough estimates. As a homeowner, you should not expect to begin a kitchen remodel knowing everything there is to know—utilize the resources around you: internet, online company reviews, referrals from friends and family to different contractors/installation companies. Just a bit of research goes a long way in helping you formulate a plan and budget.

Once you’ve addressed these three steps, give our team here at Worley’s Home Design Center a call! And, hey—bring us those dream-kitchen and dream-appliance photos you’ve collected, too!

For details, you can check San Leandro kitchen cabinets.


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The term “window draperies” can sound a bit dated. But, their aesthetic could not be more current! Regardless of your home style, custom drapes on the windows always offer a grown-up, completed look. But, they can do more for your home than make it lovely—they work for you.

Check out these 5 benefits of window draperies with Worley’s Home Design Center here in the Hayward, CA, area:

  1. They’re thermal
    Yes, we live in Central California and we do not often experience cold weather. But, when we do—draperies work in your favor. The flipside is that they are excellent at keeping in your conditioned air instead of allowing your home to be heated-up by the sunlight and outside heat against the window.
  2. They elevate the look of your home… and your mood
    Window Draperies are not simply a vanity thing—this can actually affect your mood at home! When homeowners live in a space that feels beautiful, comfortable, complete—their moods are brought up, too!
  3. They are versatile and they pull a room together
    When you work with Worley’s, your home will transform into something you can be proud of. Together, we will look at your home’s architecture, the colors you currently have in the room/space, the type of furniture you have/intend to purchase, and so much more. Our custom drapes are designed with the whole room/space in mind. This means a so-so room can come to life and money you have spent on furniture or wall hangings will finally be tied together, seamlessly. Further, using drapes in multiple rooms helps to tie together design elements throughout your home.
  4. They fit
    Of course, you can go to a department store and purchase generic draperies in an assortment of colors or materials—but they will never be as good as drapes designed specifically to match your personality, your home’s measurements, and your overall “look.” Choosing to work with our professionals means you will get exactly what you want and the drapes will fit your windows
  5. They are durable
    Custom window draperies and top treatments can last as much as two or three times as long as the ready-made curtains you buy off the shelf in the store. Our professional craftsmanship will stand the test of time.

Here at Worley’s Home Design Center, we know window draperies. In fact, many of our favorite design experiences have included working with homeowners in Hayward to make their homes beautiful and comfortable with our fabulous custom curtains and cornices. There is something uniquely inviting and comforting about beautiful, quality draperies in the home—but, as you can see, they offer so much more! If you are considering a home re-designing project in the near future, we would love to work with you. Whether you need custom drapes, new flooring, an upgraded kitchen, furniture restoration… We are your one-stop-designing-shop and we hope to work with you soon!

For details, you can check Hayward, CA window draperies.


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There are a lot of options for window coverings these days. One of the most popular—and has been for quite some time, is the window shutter. Unlike other styles that are cheap or “in” for a couple years and then “out” the next, shutters have been around forever—and they’re here to stay.

So, what’s the excitement with window shutters here om Hayward, CA? It seems to be that the rise of nostalgic, country-chic home designs has positively impacted the demand for shutters nationwide. They are practical, beautiful, durable investments to the home.

Here at Worley’s Home Design Center, our specialty is to make home beautiful and functional. Here’s how shutters with us accomplish that!

Shutters = beauty.
Interior shutters are unique. They give the home an artsy, completed look like very few other window coverings can. For example, blinds and shades are often meant to “blend in” to the décor; disappear, more or less. Shutters are meant to make a statement, if so desired. They add a warmth to any room without disappearing or over-imposing.  Further, there are countless stains, color choices, finishes so you can achieve the exact aesthetic you want.

Shutters = investment.
Window shutters are an investment for homeowners in many ways. For starters, quality shutters (like ours here at Worley’s) will last you many years, saving you time and money in home improvements. Beyond their quality, their nostalgic and artsy aesthetic grants them a timelessness you may not find with other options (which keeps them relevant). Finally, window shutters can actually increase the resale value of the home significantly! How? They are a permanent addition to your home—they stay with the home even if you move which increases the value (as long as they’re in good shape!).

Shutters = strong.
Hunter Douglas is a name most know these days because they are designed for superior durability. In fact, they are at the top-of-the-line in the shutter manufacturing industry and Worley’s is proud to offer their products to the homeowners of Hayward. We offer wood and vinyl shutters in a variety of designs and colors, too. 

Shutters = light options.
In rooms you wish to have darkened, shutters can block out more light than many other window treatment options. And, the light can be filtered in different directions by rotating the louvers at different angles. Don’t want the sun in your eyes but still want some natural light? Perfect.

Here at Worley’s Home Design Center, we are excited to offer you beautiful window shutter options. We want you to choose your own look while we act as your co-designer. The style of your home—or the style you are hoping to achieve with your home—is important to us; just as important as your opinion and budget! Our staff will handle the nitty-gritty (so you can enjoy the process): quotes, measurements, a stress-free installation, an appropriate timeline for the installation project, answers to any questions/concerns, etc. We look forward to working with you!

For details, you can check window shutters Hayward, CA.

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Deciding to replace the flooring in your home is a big decision, whether the plan is to redo one room or the whole house. There’s a lot to think about! Things like styles, colors, materials, price, worthy companies…

A piece of advice: you need a reliable company as your starting point, and everything and every decision will be enjoyable.

As the premier flooring specialists in the East Bay area, Worley’s Home Design Center has everything you need to transform your home floors. Over the decades, our specialists have worked with thousands of homeowners to accomplish their “dream homes.” This starts with quality, beautiful flooring.

So, what is the “art of flooring?” Let’s review, together!

It all hinges on choosing the right company…
How do you know which is the “right” company? Every flooring and home design company will tell you they are the “best.”  Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Time in the industry. A worthy company will have made their mark in their community. There will be a rapport, testimonials, and people you know may have heard of the company and/or used them for their projects. A good rule-of-thumb: the longer the company has been around, the better. Note: Worley’s has been in business for nearly 60 years!
  • Excellent customer service. These days, there is absolutely no reason to work with a company that has rude or aloof employees, am I right? Who has time for that? You should feel welcomed and valued when you call, visit a showroom, and interact online/email. If you don’t—move on.
  • Clear pricing. We all want affordable Another aspect to think about is to insist on clear pricing. Quotes should be in writing. Measurements and materials should be precise. You should not find yourself wondering how much your bill will be in the end or feel uncertain.
  • A good selection. You are unique, your home is unique, and your style is your own. Whichever company you choose to work with (and we hope it’s ours!)—you need to have a good selection of materials, colors, textures, etc. No one wants their home to look like their neighbors! We all desire to have a home which reflects who we are.
  • You need a design team. This is the key. Any flooring company can successfully install a good floor. But, a true design team can help bring your dream to life within your home. Our team understands aesthetics as well as we understand quality installation. That is the key to the art of flooring.

The help you need making decisions and executing beautiful flooring in your home is right around the corner from you in San Leandro here at Worley’s Home Design Center. What kind of floor are you dreaming of? Our team would love to work with you. Your new home flooring awaits!

For details you can check San Leandro flooring.


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There are stats which tell us Americans spend a good majority of their time in the kitchen. We gather there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, birthdays, holidays, homework, family game night, midnight secret trips to the fridge while everyone is asleep… It is true—we are in our kitchens often. After all, it is the heart of the home!

That said, the heart of the home should also be the most lovely, useful, and welcoming space, should it not? We think so! Here at Worley’s Home Design Center, we think your kitchen cabinets are the backdrop to every memory you will make in your kitchen with loved ones. You should have exactly what you want—and our team would love to help you get that!

Many homeowners in San Leandro have cabinets they don’t want, though. Usually, this is due to financial constraints in the past, or a previous owner who chose an undesirable design or quality. Whatever the reason, our professionals are in the business of making it right for you!

Here are the five most common reasons residents in San Leandro choose to remodel their kitchen cabinets with Worley’s:

  1. Cramped space = bad for your health! Does your kitchen feel dysfunctional? Do you feel cramped in it? If you can relate to this, chances are good that you are not preparing healthy meals as often as you should be. In fact, the less spacious a kitchen is can directly correlate to the healthy eating habits of a home’s inhabitants. Expanding your kitchen cabinets and storage space can help free-up space. It’s worth considering.
  2. Safety concerns. Close to half of household accidents occur in the kitchen; accidents like bumping into another family member with a hot pan or spilling food on the floor, etc. Address this with one of our designers so you can create a kitchen layout more conducive to your needs.
  3. Kitchens are non-negotiable. Your kitchen and your bathroom are the only two rooms in the home which must So, ask yourself if your space makes sense for everyone who uses it. Perhaps your children will be more interested in helping cook if the kitchen makes sense for them (i.e.: easy to reach utensils, appropriately placed cabinets, useful center islands with additional cabinetry, etc.).
  4. The kitchen sets the tone for the home. Like it or not, your kitchen tells your guests everything they need to know about you and your household. Is it inviting or cramped? Chaotic or calm? Organized or messy? The right cabinets and storage space speak volumes.
  5. $$$. A kitchen remodel and new cabinets is a significant investment in your asset. Even if you aren’t interested in selling in the near future, your kitchen and the cabinets have the power to positively or negatively sway the value for the property. And, if you do plan to sell—you really do need to have your kitchen upgraded to get the most bang for your buck.

Ready to tackle a new kitchen cabinet project with the pros here at Worley’s Home Design Center? We sure are! Give us a call! You can check San Leandro kitchen cabinets for details. 


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Limited time offer valid for all STAINMASTER® carpets. Promotion expires June 13, 2014.

  • PetProtect™ – Resists pet stains, releases pet hair, reduces pet odors
  • TrueSoft® – The softest STAINMASTER® carpet available. TruSoft® carpet is also exceptionally durable and easy to clean.
  • Solar Max® – Resists fading, even in intense sunlight, exceptionally durable and easy to clean.
  • Active Family™ – three fibers to choose from, Luxerell (natural look, exceptionally soft), Tactesse® (wide spectrum of luster and feel), Extra Body II™ (rich, thicker hand)
  • Essentials™ – great value and certified protection

All carpets include the STAINMASTER® lifetime warranty on stains, soil, anti-static and pet urine stains. Download and print our promotional coupon to redeem your discount at our store:

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