Styles are often fickle; one year they’re in and they next year the entire home improvement industry seems to have moved in a new direction. Home flooring is no exception to this. For example, aren’t you glad we have collectively moved away from the peel-and-stick square flooring of the 80s? Oh, how we never want to find ourselves with flooring like that again!

Worley’s Home Design Center has almost six decades of experience in making homes more beautiful with flooring that lasts—and stands the test of changing trends. Our pros understand that a home’s flooring can serve to elevate the space or detract from it. Check out these classic trends to find which speaks to you!

  1. The whitewashed look
    This high-end look brings the Pacific Coast into your space with an elegant touch. There’s something classic and fresh about white wood/faux wood flooring that says, “come on in and relax a little while,” the way you wish to express to your loved ones and guests. A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Ark Oak “Moonlight”
  • HomerWood White Oak “Simply White”
  • Mannington Residential Hand Crafted Norwegian Oak “Flurry”
  1. Dark hardwood
    Classic, classic, classic. This isn’t just a budding 2018 trend. Dark hardwood flooring is a rich accent to any décor. You choose what you like most: Cherrywood? Dark espresso? Something ashier? A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Mannington Residential American Classics American Oak “Leather”
  • Mannington Residential American Classics Madison Maple “Charcoal”
  • Elegance Exotic Wood Jatoba “Brazilian Cherry”
  1. Bamboo
    Worley’s eco-friendly bamboo floors are perfect for the earth-conscious homeowners all over the Bay Area. Did you know that bamboo is the most environmentally sustainable wood in the world? That’s right! Bamboo is sustainable and renewable because it can be harvested many times over and renewed quickly in comparison to other traditional hardwoods (like maple or oak). A few options here at Worley’s:
  • GreenWood Natural Color
  • Teragren Portfolio Naturals
  • Teragren Solid Narrow Plank options
  1. Gray-toned flooring
    Think high-quality wood flooring with a silvery-gray hue. In the last several years this has become very popular. You see, many homeowners prefer a less “warm” pallet in their homes, but still desire a neutral background and flooring so their décor can evolve over the years. A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Ark Genuine Mahogany “Silver”
  • Ark Oak “Smoke”
  • HomerWood White Oak “Slate”
  1. Wide plank
    More and more homeowners are opting for wider planks across their floors. Why? Increasing the plank size creates a more modern look and adds depth to any room—which makes even a small room appear larger. A few options here at Worley’s:
  • Teragren Engineered Studio Wide Plank options
  • Bruce Engineered 5’ “Hickory – Antique Natural”
  • Mullican San Macro or Castillian Engineered options in 7’ width

So, what do you think? Which speaks to your taste? If you live in the San Leandro, CA, area, come visit us here at Worley’s Home Design Centerthere’s so much more to discover! You don’t want your home to be outdated in a few years, right? Neither do we! See you soon!

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