San Leandro CA Kitchen CabinetsSan Leandro, CA, is a sweet, mid-sized coastal suburb in Central California, nestled between Hayward, Alameda, and Castro Valley. If you are from this area, you can appreciate the laid-back tempo the locals maintain. We appreciate camaraderie, good food, sunny days, good waves, and Feng Shui. 

Speaking of good food and Feng Shui, how is your kitchen layout treating you? Do you have enough space and storage? Does your cabinet layout make sense for your utilization while cooking and entertaining? What about the condition of your current cabinets—how are they? How’s the finish and overall construction? Is the hardware an eyesore?

At Worley’s Home Design Center, our staff is professionally trained in the art and skills required to bring old, outdated kitchens into the 21st century will new cabinetry and hardware.

What makes working with Worley’s a unique experience?
We know there are many, many kitchen cabinet installers from which to choose. We are confident, however, that once you’ve experienced what it is to work with our team on any type of home upgrade, you will be a “lifer.” The staff here at Worley’s is committed to setting our business apart; we want to become a family name—the crew you turn to when repairs or replacements or exciting renovations are on the horizon. Our team recognizes that every family is unique. The way your family uses your kitchen will not match the next, so we co-design with you to meet your specific needs and wants. At Worley’s we want everyone we meet to feel honored and important.

What you can expect when you choose Worley’s for your kitchen cabinet project
Without question, you can expect the utmost in care from the Worley’s team:

  • Friendly customer service: You are valuable. Worley’s commitment has always been to leave everyone better than we found them. Rest assured, you will be treated like one of our own. We want to hear your opinions—they matter! Do you have concerns? Let’s address them. Do not worry about your budget—it will be honored.
  • Expert guidance: the staff at Worley’s has experience reaching back over 58 years, from the top down. Les Worley is meticulous in hiring and maintaining a staff with the knowledge and craftsmanship to meet the high expectations of our clientele. Our guidance will never feel like pressure to agree to something you do not really want. To be very clear: sales do not motivate this team; people and their satisfaction are our motivation.
  • Sincere care in every step of the process: Worley’s is interested in leaving each client completely satisfied with the entire process—from the initial consultation to the end result. Worley’s client testimonials tell it all! Check out what they are saying here.

Finish options for your Worley kitchen cabinets
For those of you looking into wood kitchen cabinets for the first time (upgrading from particle board and veneers), cheers! We can’t wait to see your happiness when the installation is complete! Some of the stunning finishes you will choose from are:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Alder
  • Beech
  • Hickory
  • Red Oak
  • Laminate/Thermofoil

Preliminary questions to ask yourself before meeting with your trusted Worley representative
Being prepared makes sense. Sometimes, however, homeowners aren’t always sure where to begin. That’s okay! Our team has created this mini-quiz to take prior to jumping into the motions of a kitchen cabinet remodel:

  • Why do you want new cabinets? Give the two most important reasons.
  • What is your #1 must have in new kitchen cabinets?
  • What is the worst function in your kitchen right now?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you want/need this project completed?
  • Will you want a total-cabinet replacement or a partial?

These are the best, most guidance-driven questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Remember: knowing what you want will keep things in control and focused.

Being “green” is important
The Bay Area has been our home for a long time and we want to do everything we can to keep it clean. Our love for the environment is why we are committed to advancing products which affect energy conservation, air quality, and overall healthier homes. Further, we are continuously working with our manufacturers to provide the “greenest” products available. Materials for many of our products are sustainable and recycled with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). And, in an effort to reduce carbon footprints, we will pick up and deliver most items repaired or purchased from our showroom. The Earth matters to us!

Ready to get started on your kitchen cabinet replacement project? Do you have questions? Our team at Worley’s Home Design Center would be delighted to hear from you!

Worley’s Home Design Center – 2751 Castro Valley Blvd – Castro Valley, CA 94546 – (510) 582-6400