You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen this year. Fantastic. Now, what? Being unsure of where to start is half the battle. Unfortunately, many homeowners here in San Leandro, CA, fall into one of two vacuum categories:

  1. The appliance browsers: Those who skip ahead to the next chapter when all the high-tech, oversized appliances will be possible. That exciting stage of “when the kitchen is finished, I’ll get this oven range and that new refrigerator…”
  2. The photo collectors: We’ve all been in this camp… Pinterest surfing and Google Images hunting of other homeowners’ photos of their kitchen before-and-after photos. Admittedly, this is a fun pastime; the daydreaming and the “I will have that one-day” sort of thought process.

The thing is, neither of these two groups represents the beginning phase of a kitchen remodel. Both of these groups belong to what we here at Worley’s Home Design Center like to call the Exploration Stage. Be advised: you could be stuck exploring and daydreaming for a long time if you don’t follow these few steps for your REAL kitchen remodel:

Step #1: Consider what you NEED
A kitchen remodel is partly about what you want to see in your new space, but it really is more about what you need. Here at Worley’s, we can help you zero-in on your needs! Begin with priorities: who cooks in your household? How tall are the people in your family (seriously—counter height and the size of your cabinets should hinge on this)? What will you use your kitchen for on a regular basis (family meals, cooking only, entertaining, etc.)? From here, we can begin to carve-out just how much space you’ll need and some tentative specs for cabinet placement, among other features.

Step #2: Who’s the pro?
Even if you are completely confident in your DIY capabilities, consider area where you aren’t the expert. Do you know how to reroute electrical wires? How are your plumbing skills? Do you know how to custom-make the cabinets you’ll need in your new space? Don’t worry—a good installation company will act as your highly-professional co-designer throughout the entire remodel process.

Step #3: Plan, plan, and plan
Remodeling your kitchen is a significant investment in your home life as well as your finances (should you choose to sell one day). Don’t attack this project lightly! Budgeting early in is a good idea. This may mean you need to do some research online as well as visit a few places to gather some rough estimates. As a homeowner, you should not expect to begin a kitchen remodel knowing everything there is to know—utilize the resources around you: internet, online company reviews, referrals from friends and family to different contractors/installation companies. Just a bit of research goes a long way in helping you formulate a plan and budget.

Once you’ve addressed these three steps, give our team here at Worley’s Home Design Center a call! And, hey—bring us those dream-kitchen and dream-appliance photos you’ve collected, too!

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