There are stats which tell us Americans spend a good majority of their time in the kitchen. We gather there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, birthdays, holidays, homework, family game night, midnight secret trips to the fridge while everyone is asleep… It is true—we are in our kitchens often. After all, it is the heart of the home!

That said, the heart of the home should also be the most lovely, useful, and welcoming space, should it not? We think so! Here at Worley’s Home Design Center, we think your kitchen cabinets are the backdrop to every memory you will make in your kitchen with loved ones. You should have exactly what you want—and our team would love to help you get that!

Many homeowners in San Leandro have cabinets they don’t want, though. Usually, this is due to financial constraints in the past, or a previous owner who chose an undesirable design or quality. Whatever the reason, our professionals are in the business of making it right for you!

Here are the five most common reasons residents in San Leandro choose to remodel their kitchen cabinets with Worley’s:

  1. Cramped space = bad for your health! Does your kitchen feel dysfunctional? Do you feel cramped in it? If you can relate to this, chances are good that you are not preparing healthy meals as often as you should be. In fact, the less spacious a kitchen is can directly correlate to the healthy eating habits of a home’s inhabitants. Expanding your kitchen cabinets and storage space can help free-up space. It’s worth considering.
  2. Safety concerns. Close to half of household accidents occur in the kitchen; accidents like bumping into another family member with a hot pan or spilling food on the floor, etc. Address this with one of our designers so you can create a kitchen layout more conducive to your needs.
  3. Kitchens are non-negotiable. Your kitchen and your bathroom are the only two rooms in the home which must So, ask yourself if your space makes sense for everyone who uses it. Perhaps your children will be more interested in helping cook if the kitchen makes sense for them (i.e.: easy to reach utensils, appropriately placed cabinets, useful center islands with additional cabinetry, etc.).
  4. The kitchen sets the tone for the home. Like it or not, your kitchen tells your guests everything they need to know about you and your household. Is it inviting or cramped? Chaotic or calm? Organized or messy? The right cabinets and storage space speak volumes.
  5. $$$. A kitchen remodel and new cabinets is a significant investment in your asset. Even if you aren’t interested in selling in the near future, your kitchen and the cabinets have the power to positively or negatively sway the value for the property. And, if you do plan to sell—you really do need to have your kitchen upgraded to get the most bang for your buck.

Ready to tackle a new kitchen cabinet project with the pros here at Worley’s Home Design Center? We sure are! Give us a call! You can check San Leandro kitchen cabinets for details. 


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