Remodeling your Hayward, CA, home is a big commitment! You want to make choices that last for years and years. Especially remodel choices involving your windows! In fact, you’ll want to be highly selective with your window coverings (like shutters or drapes) to avoid trendy choices. The danger in choosing too trendily is that you could end up with windows that appear completely out of sync with the rest of your home; or, you could choose expensive “in” options that you will quickly dislike in a couple years. So, seek professional guidance and choose wisely!

That said, the experts here at Worley’s Home Design Center have created this list of 4 home trends with real staying power, so you can enjoy the beautiful space you’ve always wanted!

  1. I’m dreaming of a white window…
    When white window treatments began becoming popular, many believed this was a quickly passing trend. Boy, were those nay-sayers wrong! The preference for white accents in the home (shutters, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, flooring…) continues to climb. It’s easy to see why: white is clean, versatile, neutral, and bright/happy. You can’t go wrong with white!
  2. Gray is the new black
    The popularity of gray as more than simply an accent color has skyrocketed. Gray is sleek, chic, neutral, and sophisticated. But, bear in mind: gray can be a bit of a toss-up. Be careful not to overdo it. Gray shutters with a dark slate flooring are stunning. Or, a light gray stain on hardwood floors with a pop of color—like yellow—in your drapes is great! But, gray on gray on gray is not the way to go, or you could end up with a dreary-looking space.
  3. Accessibility is where it’s at
    There’s nothing worse than a difficult-to-use kitchen or impossible-to-operate blinds or hard-to-reach shutters. You want to grow old in your home, right? Then let’s begin to think about tweaks and upgrades which makes sense for the long-run. Here are a few easy-access options you might consider for your home:
  • Side-opening ovens: (and, might we add: counter height!). Reaching up and bending over will become more and more difficult as we all age—make it easy!
  • Deep drawers: Again, we’re talking about eliminating the need to stoop down to find anything. Floor-level cabinets won’t work in the Golden Years.
  • Automatic shades: Did you know you can have window shades which allow time-controlled programming? Or, voice activation? Yep. Life doesn’t get much sweeter (and simpler!).
  1. Butcher’s block countertop
    We have all fought with our cutting boards. They slide. They aren’t big enough. They deteriorate quickly. So, why not have an entire counter space dedicated to your food prep? With the adequate space to create, cooking is no longer a chore, but a joy!

What trends have you seen with staying power? We’d love to hear them! Give Worley’s Home Design Center a call or visit. We’d love to work with you!

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