If you’ve been thinking of re-upholstering a favorite couch, chair, ottoman or other piece of furniture, you’re in good hands. Our team of designers will help you select the right fabric to fit your décor. From there, our expert craftsman will repair any damage to the frame, plump up tired pillows with feathers or new hi density spring action foam. They will then reupholster the piece and give it a beautiful new life. For maximum ease and convenience, we’ll even arrange to have your piece picked up and delivered. Once the piece is finished, we guarantee our labor for the life of the fabric. You may learn more about our process and upholstery team below.

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The Art of Upholstery

Our team’s fine craftsmanship can breathe new life into a valued heirloom or remodeling concept—and this is evident in our teams thorough process, from start to final touches.

Our upholsters, Ruben and Alex, strip a piece of furniture to its frame, eliminating old worn out foam, padding and fillings, and replaces it with longer lasting, high quality materials.

Maria, our seamstress, then works with Ruben to tailor a durable fabric to your piece, and with thousands of fabrics to choose from, it is easy to find something that reflects one’s taste, personality, and style.

Next, Ruben and Maria carefully articulate measurements and ensure every aspect is cut, sewn and fit to perfection. Finally, Maria cleans and touches up any exposed wood.

Like master artists, Ruben, Alex, and Maria take to each job with fine attention to detail as if it was their own. Our customers think so too.

I can not say enough about the quality of work that was done on my settee. If you want something that is of heirloom quality then please go see [Worley’s]. You will be so thankful you did. ()

I just got back my sofa that was reupholstered by Worley’s.  It is spectacular!  The quality of the work is extremely high – the pattern on the fabric lines up perfectly on all the cushions and across the top and back. They did more piping on it than was on the original, basically, not only reupholstered, but created a nicer, prettier sofa. ()

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Importantly, with such high quality craftsmanship, your piece will be far more valuable than cheap and poorly built furniture from big box stores. Furniture manufactured overseas is often made to last 3 to 5 years. In comparison, a quality re-upholstered piece of furniture will last up to 25 years or more—so re-upholstering your furniture is an investment in the long run. This means less manufacturing overseas, less filling up landfills, and more work for your local businesses. In other words, reupholstering is good for the environment and your local economy!

We understand that your piece of furniture may have strong sentimental value, whether it is a piece for a home remodel or a family heirloom restoration. We have been doing this since 1952. We are experts. From start to finish, we will listen carefully and bring value to your re-upholstery project.

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Our Work

Before and After

Here you will find some additional project examples. The last picture is from Ruben’s personal venture. He found an aged grey couch next to a dumpster, pictured. He then simplified the design and worked his magic. Completely restored, the comfortable couch now entertains at Ruben’s home!

Ruben and Alex
Ruben and Alex’s knowledge of upholstery and fabrication far exceeds the basics of indoor furniture, as they also have a combined 70 years experience in upholstering cars, RV’s, private planes, boats, headboards, cornices, patio/outdoor furniture, re-caning and a variety of refurbished antiques.

Maria has over thirty years of sewing experience to our upholstering team. She works with draperies, valances,  duvets, quilts, bedspreads, and pillows. She also sews the cushions and skirts for re-upholstered sofas and chairs.