Castro Valley CA Hardwood FlooringWhen residents of Castro Valley explain where they live to other Californians, the response is often something like, where?” To which we, the happy Castro Valley resident, is again reminded why this city is so wonderful. No one knows we are here. We don’t even have a Walmart (don’t worry about us—there’s one six miles down the road in San Leandro). For starters, this mostly residential city is unincorporated—in other words, not part of a municipality.

Further, the housing here is different. In the last decade or so, buyers have been able to purchase a home for a fraction of the price of a home in a neighboring, bigger city. And, as a kicker, this is home to Pyzano’s Pizzeria (take to Google if you are unfamiliar with the World’s Greatest Pizza Thrower, Tony Gemignani); you can’t beat that, am I right? There’s fishing, hiking, camping, mother’s groups, real community here in our 14 square-mile non-city.

Now, where in a city like this with its small-town vibes and its eclectic nuances would one go to find quality hardwood flooring for a home remodeling project? One may assume residents have to travel to a bigger city—not so. The team at Worley’s Home Design Center is right here in Castro Valley! In fact, Worley’s goes back 58+ years of home design and redesign experience right here!

Why hardwood floors
1.  Hardwood is timeless. Home design trends can be fleeting; they are “in” one year or one season and gone the next. Hardwood floors, however, are always stunning, always appropriate, always accommodating to changing décor.
2.  Hardwood is luxurious. There is something extravagant about organic flooring. It feels elegant and expensive and unique.
3.  Hardwood raises curb appeal. Your home will look, feel and actually be more valuable. Think about the curb appeal for potential future buyers—they are all looking for that “wow-factor” and nostalgia. And, if you are disinterested in selling, raising the value of your home is good for equity.

Why hardwood flooring through Worley’s
The team at Worley’s has been helping Castro Valley residents make their homes more beautiful with hardwood floors for over 58 years. As the premier flooring specialists in the East Bay, Worley’s carries an unparalleled selection of options, including 22 incredible hardwood lines and 5 amazing bamboo lines. By name, Worley’s hardwood lines include:

  • Aacer: premium Northern Hardwoods, exceptionally tight grain, from the forests of Michigan and Wisconsin
  • Alston: product line based in Los Angeles, CA, emphasis on environmentally friendly agricultural/soil enrichment products
  • Anderson: beautiful, rich, American-made product with roots as far back as 1946
  • Antique Impressions: small batch, hand-crafted flooring, original and niche products
  • Ark Floor: top quality exotic hardwood options, named Top International Flooring Brand
  • Armstrong: stylish and designed to match any décor
  • Bausen: exotic and durable natural wood materials and standout finishes, earth friendly focus
  • Bruce: large selection of colors and styles to match any décor, distressed options
  • California Classics: local, timeless options
  • Columbia: specializes in character (imperfect grains), exotic, and traditional oaks; authentic and handcrafted
  • Elegance: natural and engineered options known for its elegance
  • Garrison: fine, hand-crafted, eco-friendly flooring, environmentally responsible practices
  • Hallmark: beautiful, durable, sustainable floors with durable finishes for any family wear-and-tear
  • Homerwood: Appalachian hardwood, hand-crafted, premium hardwood flooring line
  • Junckers: durable enough for sports areas and dance floors; beautiful enough for commercial and residential spaces
  • Lauzon: naturally refined elegance, focus on the individual species and the individually patterned grains
  • LM Flooring: detailed, leathered, brushed, Earthy options
  • Mannington: designed with longevity and durability as the primary focus; hand-crafted and exotics available
  • Mirage: many colors and finish options, awards for excellence, manufactured in North America, hypo-allergenic finishes free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Mullican: renowned for high-quality flooring and environmentally sound manufacturing practices, produced exclusively in the United States
  • Provenza: uses a patented technology to naturally enhance the quality of the wood; known for beauty, style, and innovation
  • Shaw: boasts the most durable, impact-resistant hardwood on the market

By name, the bamboo lines include:

  • Bamboo & Hardwood Imports: family owned and operated, imports, over 45 years in business
  • Greenwood: known for elegance and unique grain and color
  • Tecsun: headquartered in City of Industry, CA, captures old-world craftsmanship, fashion, and beauty
  • Teragren: all things bamboo—leads the market in environmentally friendly options
  • USFloors: based in Dalton, GA; manufactures unique and sustainable bamboo (and cork) options

In this little-known city of Castro Valley, we proudly offer the BEST of hardwood flooring! We invite you to visit the showroom and meet our professional staff here at Worley’s Home Design Center—they’re eager to meet you!

Worley’s Home Design Center – 2751 Castro Valley Blvd – Castro Valley, CA 94546 – (510) 582-6400